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This website is an online catalog of Scratch Lottery Tickets that follows the Global Lottery Collectors Society (GLCS) numbering system. is a MEMBER-based website.

Join the Global Lottery Collectoprs Society (GLCS) and you can receive access to more
information including lists sorted by GLCS ID and game number.

For more information about the GLCS, including membersip application, please visit the Club website at contains information on scratcher lottery tickets produced by lottery agencies in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Ticket image page

Ticket lists show full color images which can be selected to display individual ticket information, a larger image and in many cases, examples of both Mint, Scratched and back sides of tickets. is an online resource for reference by the collector community. The catalog contains information about tickets such as:
  • GLCS Official ticket number
  • Game numbers as designated by the State, Province or territory
  • Organized by sets when varying designs are sold together
  • Original Issue Date
  • Description (fully searchable!)
  • Original Face value / cost of the ticket
  • characteristics such as pull-tab, unreleased, recalled, error
  • Notes or other interesting information about the ticket
  • Whether the game number is printed on the ticket or not
  • Images of the ticket:
    • Mint Condition (preferable)
    • Sample/Void (2nd choice)
    • Scratched
    • Back of the ticket
    • Inside of the ticket for fold-out tickets
    • SETS of tickets as originally issued on the same date

Tickets are added on a regular basis. Tickets are scanned by various individual collectors and me (Gil Davis, GLCS member #939).
Many collectors have assisted in this process of image loading by sending their collection to the webmaster for scanning. These are promptly returned to the owner as soon as they are scanned.

Lottery Ticket Collecting, also known as "Lotology" has been slowly growing in popularity for years. With the increase in spending by the various lottery agencies to create eye-catching and attractive tickets, the Global Lottery Collectors Society (GLCS) has kept track of tickets issued for years. Some members have mint, unscratched collections of their particular state. Yes, every ticket, unscratched.

This website follows the GLCS numbering as assigned by those who have volunteered as the club compiler and established the official GLCS Identification for each ticket.

That historical ticket information, with additional features for tracking ticket types, dimensions and images, was converted to online storage in a powerful database that provides full search capability.

While tickets have been out for years, with many for sale on eBay, the fact remains that tickets are typically thrown away after scratching. Even winners are typically surrendered to the lottery retailer or agency. In some cases, few examples of some tickets remain.

Tickets are collected in a variety of ways.
  • A collector can sometimes get added to an issuing agency's mailing list and receive samples or "VOIDS" of new tickets, and even some that are proposed, but never actually become available for sale.
  • Large numbers of SCRATCHED tickets are available in a nearby convenience store, such as a 7-11, if your timing is right and you're into trash-diving!
  • The purist collectors buy tickets that are never to be scratched, but only preserved in a collection in MINT condition.
  • Collectors build relationships with retailers who save scratched tickets, many times winners, that they save for theior friends for trading with other collectors
  • Some collectors focus on a particular state, usually within their vicinity or across state lines.
  • Some collectors have TOPICAL interest, such as Pets, Football, baseball, Trains, Harley-Davidson, cars, TV Shows, cartoon characters, rick bands, star trek, star wars, a series of tickets (Big Spin in California).... the topics are many.

No matter what you collect, there is a ticket that somehow fits your interest!

While you're here, please visit my CONTACT page and tell me about your collection, and especially if you see a missing image that you could fill in with an image scan. I would LOVE to hear from you! I answer all valid emails.

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