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Ticket Display Pages

Tickets are displayed on this website in a number of ways:
  • Thumbnail pages - Tickets are displayed 4 across and 5 rows deep, showing 20 per page in a consistent 200 pixel wide or tall image. There is a wealth of information available in summary form when you visit a thumbnail page:

    Thumbnail pages can appear in various different arrangements including:
    • Tickets for a particular state, province, or country, geography, or issuing organization
    • Tickets associated with each other and designated as a SET (see below for more info on SETS)
    • Tickets appearing as a search result, such as all the tickets that say "Star trek" or "Harley Davidson".

  • Ticket List - The ticket lists provide ticket information in summary form:

    Columns in the list show the following:
    • GLCS ID, click to go to the ticket detail display page
    • Game Number issued by the lottery agency
    • Original Retail Price
    • Date issued (month and year)
    • SET - If 'S' appears, click to view the entire SET
    • Types of images on file
      • T=Thumbnail
      • M=Mint
      • V=Void
      • S=Scratched
      • B=Back or reverse side
    • size - ticket dimensions in US Inches - width x height
    • Ticket Description

  • detail page - tickets are shown individually on a page and showing additional detailed information as entered by a GLCS compiler or administrator.

  • Set pages - When a ticket is associated with others, we call them a 'Set' and all the members of the set can be viewed on a single page.

  • TEMPORARY NUMBERS - When issues are too new to have an assigned GLCS Number they will be temporarily coded with the state game number until GLCS number is assigned. These tickets will appear at the bottom of a state ticket listing. These tickets will be numbered in the format SS-GAMEn or SS-Gn. 'n' is the state code, followed by the word GAME, and then 'n' - the state game number. The designation for the ticket will be changed as soon as the approved GLCS number has been assigned and properly identified. For example, game 1234 from Arizona would be temporarily coded as: AZ-GAME1234
  • SUBMITTING IMAGES - If in doubt, always send a LARGER image than you think is needed. Measure the actual size of the ticket, and save your image as 100 dots per inch for each inch or width or height. i usually measure the width and resize DOWN to that number pixels. So, a 2-1/2 inch wide ticket would be sized as 250 pixels wide etc. I will crop, enhance, color correct and otherwise clean-up images as best as possible before they are loaded to the guide. Larger images can always be resized smaller and retain ticket detail, whereas images that are too small lose detail as they are made larger to fit the standard size. If you are not experienced in image resizing, or don't have the time, not to worry....just send it in and we'll take care of the rest.

  • POOR QUALITY IMAGES - Some images in the guide are poor quality, loaded from various sources such as online auctions. Hopefully these are temporaty residents in the guide! If you have a scan of am image that is better quality, or if you have a mint ticket, where the only example in the guide is scratched, PLEASE contact the me to arrange sending it in! I am always looking for the best quality image in MINT condition (void as an alternative) to provide the collector community with the best example possible. A poor image is better than none. However, it will always be replaced if we acquire a better quality image !

  • Searching and Displaying Tickets
    • To display tickets, click on the US link on the top menu bar. A map of all US states will appear. Move your mouse over a state and the current count of state games and percent of those with ticket images will appear. This is the same information as the summary that appears on the home page.
    • To search for a ticket, simply enter the text you wish to find in the search box, found on most pages. To find every ticket that is related to 'star trek' for example, you could type in 'star trek' and click GO, or simply enter TREK. Any ticket that has the text in the description will appear. A feew of my favorites are Betty Boop, Lucy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Pets, the list goes on and on.
    • When a page of tickets appears, the first 20 or so images will be displayed and separated by states. Across the top of the display page is a navigation bar that will take you to the last page in the set of found tickets, first, or pages next and previous.
    • Clicking on an individual ticket image will take you to a detail page with an enlarged image of the ticket (when available) showing more detail. Also, identifying notes and other information will be shown in the individual ticket display. From there, you can click the BACK button to return to the ticket listing on the previous page, or enter a new search.
    • When the ticket is a member of a SET, a button will appear below each member of the set. Click View Set, and the display will only show tickets from the complete set. In some cases, where designs run together across a printed roll of tickets, the entire SET will be displayed along with each individual, GLCS numbered ticket.
    • The SETS link on the menu bar provides a listing of all SETS in the GLCS guide, sorted by state code. Click on a set to go to the page for viewing the SET tickets.

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